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You can use MonotoneUtils for:

- Generating a color-scheme
- Changing the color-scheme at runtime

Notice: Avoid using MonotoneUtils in a productive environment! They read registry keys and manipulate the Application Resources.

Generating a color scheme

The utils have the CalculateColors()-Methods which can calculate new values for the Monotone.Colors.xaml based on a "base color". The resulting scheme will be darkish with the hue of the given base color (either given by you or read out of the system). Not all colors generate well results. The CalculateColors()-methods just calculate the colors, they will not apply.

To apply a scheme use the Update()-methods. The parameterless Update()-method will read the colorization-color out of the registry (only working when DWM is enabled), generate a scheme and apply it.

The other overloaded Update()-methods give you more freedom to specify your own base color or just apply the colors of your choice.

Synchronize with system colors

If MonotoneUtils.UseSystemPreferences is set to true the utils will register to system events to detect a change of the colorization color. When the user triggers such an event (the user changes the color), the utils will follow and update the UI Theme.

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